Essay on Picnic with Family for Class 1 Kids

Picnics are a fun way to engage with our family and friends. We get to spend quality time with them. How can kids describe what they love about picnics with the family? To assist kids, we have provided here an essay on Picnic with Family for Class 1 kids.

A close-knit family is the strength of every individual of that family. Members of a family care for each other selflessly. They make an individual’s achievements bigger and his problems smaller by being together during the good and bad times. Picnics are a way to stay connected and close to each other.

Given below are simple 10 lines essay on picnic with family for Class 1 kids. These lines will give a clear idea of how kids can write an interesting essay on the given topic. You can also download the essay on family picnic for Class 1 kids in a colourful PDF format for free, through the link provided below.

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Essay on a Picnic I Enjoyed

Essay on Picnic with Family

  • Family picnics are the best ways to spend quality time with our family members.
  • During picnics, we get to talk a lot to each other and play together.
  • When we are on a family picnic, we start our journey to the picnic spot early in the morning.
  • We usually go to the zoo, gardens, farmhouse, etc. which are a little far, but not too far from our home.
  • My mother and grandmother cook delicious food and prepare snacks for the picnic.
  • My brother collects all the things needed for games like playing football, cricket, etc.
  • My father gets chocolates, sweets and other snacks from the shop for all the family members.
  • My brother and I play games like badminton, cricket and football.
  • We all play antakshari, hide-and-seek, dodgeball, etc. and then have lunch together. The day slips away with a lot of laughter, chatter and fun.
  • Family picnics are a great way to rejoice the bond that we all share.

We hope that the above-written essay on picnic with family will prove to be beneficial for your kids in penning down their thoughts about the given topic. Expressing what they like about going on trips and picnics with their family members will arouse a feeling of appreciation for the good times they have spent with them.

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