Largest in India - Top 28 Questions for Class 2

The first step towards a good General Knowledge is knowing your own surroundings. That’s the reason why General Knowledge about India is very important for us. Here are the top 28 Questions and Answers on the list of the Largest in India for Class 2 kids.

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Answer the following Largest in India GK Questions:

1. Which is the largest state in India in terms of area is

  1. Rajasthan
  2. Maharashtra
  3. Madhya Pradesh
  4. Karnataka

2. Which is the largest dam in India?

  1. Sardar Sarovar Dam, Gujarat
  2. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, Telangana/Andhra Pradesh
  3. Bhakra Dam, Himachal Pradesh
  4. Tehri Dam, Uttarakhand

3. The largest river in India considering water flow is ______ and the longest river in India is ______.

  1. Ganga, Brahmaputra
  2. Brahmaputra, Ganga
  3. Godavari, Brahmaputra
  4. Brahmaputra, Godavari

4. Which is the largest city in India by area?

  1. Mumbai
  2. Delhi NCR
  3. Ranchi
  4. Hyderabad

5. Which is the largest state in India by population?

  1. Madhya Pradesh
  2. Rajasthan
  3. Maharashtra
  4. Uttar Pradesh

6. Which is the largest desert in India?

  1. Thar Desert
  2. White Salt Desert
  3. Spiti Valley Cold Desert
  4. The Deccan Thorn Scrub Forests

7. Which is the largest bank in India?

  1. Punjab National Bank
  2. HDFC
  3. State Bank of India
  4. Canara Bank

8. The largest museum in India is

  1. Visakha Museum, Vishakhapatnam
  2. Jawaharlal Nehru Museum, Itanagar
  3. Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh
  4. Indian Museum, Kolkata

9. ______ is the largest planetarium in India as well as in Asia.

  1. Nehru Planetarium, Bengaluru
  2. Birla Planetarium, Kolkata
  3. Indira Gandhi Planetarium, Patna
  4. Tara Mandir, Porbandar

10. The largest district in India by area is

  1. Kutch, Gujarat
  2. Buxar, Bihar
  3. Thane, Maharashtra
  4. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

11. Which of the following is the largest river island in India and also the largest river island in the world?

  1. Majuli Island, Assam
  2. Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar
  3. St. Mary’s Islands, Karnataka
  4. Nongkhnum River Island, Meghalaya

12. Which is the largest lake in India (largest freshwater lake in India)?

  1. Kolleru lake
  2. Wular lake
  3. Loktak lake
  4. Chillika lake

13. Which is the largest statue in India?

  1. Statue of Unity, Gujarat
  2. Swami Vivekananda Statue, Kolkata
  3. Paritala Anjaneya Temple, Vijayawada
  4. Dhyana Buddha Statue, Amravathi

14. Which is the largest temple in India?

  1. Birla Mandir, Delhi
  2. Meenakshi Amman Temple, Tamil Nadu
  3. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Tamil Nadu
  4. Brihadeeswara Temple, Tamil Nadu

15. Which is the largest railway station in India with maximum number of platforms?

  1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
  2. Howrah Junction
  3. Chennai Central
  4. Kanpur Central Station

16. Which is the largest waterfall in India in terms of height?

  1. Kunchikal Falls
  2. Dudhsagar Falls
  3. Kune Falls
  4. Thalaiyar Falls

17. Which is the largest national park in India in terms of area?

  1. Gir Forest National Park
  2. Sundarbans National Park
  3. Manas National Park
  4. Hemis National Park

18. Which is the largest port in India?

  1. Nhava Sheva port, also known as Jawaharlal Nehru Port
  2. Chennai port
  3. Vishakhapatnam port
  4. Kochi port

19. Which is the largest salt water lake in India?

  1. Wular lake
  2. Chillika lake
  3. Lonar lake
  4. Vembanad lake

20. Which is the largest mosque in India?

  1. Jama Masjid
  2. Mecca Masjid
  3. Haji Ali Dargah
  4. Taj-ul-Masajid

21. Which is the largest zoo in India?

  1. Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden, Gujarat
  2. Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park, Andhra Pradesh
  3. Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, Maharashtra
  4. Maitri Bagh, Chhattisgarh

22. Which is the largest bridge in India (above water)?

  1. Digha–Sonpur Bridge, Bihar
  2. Bhupen Hazarika Setu, Assam
  3. Chahlari Ghat Bridge, Uttar Pradesh
  4. Naranarayan Setu, Assam

23. Which is the largest fort in India?

  1. Agra Fort
  2. Amer Fort
  3. Kumbhalgarh Fort
  4. Chittorgarh Fort

24. Which is the largest tiger reserve in India?

  1. Ranthambore, Rajasthan
  2. Sunderbans, West Bengal
  3. Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh
  4. Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

25. Which is the largest forest in India?

  1. Nagarhole National Park, Karnataka
  2. Bandipur National Par, Karnataka
  3. Bhitarkanika Mangroves, Odisha
  4. Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh

26. Which is the largest church in India?

  1. Santa Cruz Basilica, Kerala
  2. Velankanni Church, Tamil Nadu
  3. The Catholic Church, Tamil Nadu
  4. Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa

27. Which is the largest library in India?

  1. Anna Centenary Library, Tamil Nadu
  2. Allahabad Public Library, Uttar Pradesh
  3. Krishnadas Shama Central Library, Goa
  4. The National Library of India, Kolkata

28. Which is the largest mountain in India in terms of height?

  1. K12, Ladakh
  2. Kamet, Uttarakhand
  3. Kangchenjunga, Sikkim
  4. Anamudi, Kerala

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1. (a) Rajasthan

2. (d) Tehri Dam, Uttarakhand

3. (b) Brahmaputra, Ganga

4. (b) Delhi NCR

5. (d) Uttar Pradesh

6. (a) Thar Desert

7. (c) State Bank of India

8. (d) Indian Museum, Kolkata

9. (b) Birla Planetarium, Kolkata

10. (a) Kutch, Gujarat

11. (a) Majuli‌ ‌Island,‌ ‌Assam

12. (b) Wular lake

13. (a) Statue of Unity, Gujarat

14. (c) Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Tamil Nadu

15. (b) Howrah Junction

16. (a) Kunchikal Falls

17. (d) Hemis National Park

18. (a) Nhava Sheva port

19. (b) Chillika lake

20. (d) Taj-ul-Masajid

21. (b) Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park, Andhra Pradesh

22. (b) Bhupen Hazarika Setu, Assam

23. (d) Chittorgarh Fort

24. (c) Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh

25. (a) Nagarhole National Park, Karnataka

26. (c) The Catholic Church, Chennai

27. (d) The National Library of India, Kolkata

28. (c) Kangchenjunga, Sikkim