My Grandmother Essay for Class 3 Students


Here we bring to you “My Grandmother essay in English”. Let’s see how one can write an impressive My Grandmother essay for Class 3. The moment we hear the word “Grandmother”, lots of memories from our childhood begin to flash in front of our eyes. The endless talk we had with her, the stories we used to love to listen to and the affection that we have received from her is incomparable. We hope the few lines about my grandmother essay will let you and your kids relive the moments of love and joy spent with loving grandmas.

Grandmothers are over-protective and selflessly sweet. Kids love to be around their grandmothers. Grandmothers are also great cooks, aren’t they? They are the saviours from our parent’s scoldings. We miss the times when we could play around our grandmas and get loads of love and care from them. Provided below is an essay on My Grandmother in English for Class 3 kids.

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My Grandmother Essay for Class 3

Essay on My Grandmother for Class 3

  • My grandmother’s name is Janki Chaturvedi.
  • She is around 60 years old and is a very religious lady.
  • Her hair has turned grey completely.
  • She is very punctual and does her chores at definite times.
  • She is the first one to wake up in the morning.
  • By the time other family members wake up, she would be done with bathing and prayers.
  • She regularly does yoga and encourages everyone to do the same for sound health.
  • She makes tasty food. I am fond of the rasmalai and gulab jamun prepared by her.
  • Every night she tells me interesting stories of kingdoms, fairies, princes and princesses.
  • She cares for everyone in the family. I pray to God to give her a long healthy life.


Essay writing is known to enhance the overall linguistic understanding of kids. When one writes an essay, one gets better in vocabulary, sentence build, etc. The 10 lines about My Grandmother essay given above are filled with the emotions of love and respect for grandmothers. You might also wish to have a look at other frequently asked essay topics of Class 3.

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