ACD Full Form

What is the full form of ACD?

The full form of ACD is Automatic Call Distributor. It is a device capable of detecting, handling and directing large amounts of incoming calls. ACDs choose a voice menu frequently to guide callers basis of the analysis of the customer, phone number, selected received system line, or the time of day call was made. It is a CTI (computer telephony integration) division. The intermediate programme that can build fully advanced ACD systems is CTI and CSTA (computer-supported telecommunications applications).

Applications of ACD

  • The incoming calls to the respective groups of agents or executives are effectively scattered and separated by ACD. It connects the callers with the agents who are able to provide them with good support.
  • To connect with a few lines, small ACD systems are used, and large devices are used to deal with a lot of lines.
  • Many businesses offering service support or post-sale services use ACDs to give their clients the highest customer support.
  • To address and conclude how calls are handled, the software may also use rule-based guidelines like caller ID, automated number recognition, voicemail or dial-up number identification facilities.
  • There is quite a range of communication route approaches that can be built in an algorithm depending on the specification of a corporation.
  • Skills-based routing is dictated by the skill of an operator to handle the inquiry of a caller.
  • To promote multiple dealers, virtual contact centres can also be used to merge the skill sets of agents, where both real-time & statistical data can be exchanged between contact centre places.
  • For such external routing apps, an additional task is to activate CTI, which improves productivity for call centre agents by matching incoming phone calls with strong information via display pop.

ACD Types of distribution

There are different options for the distribution of incoming calls from a list, including:

Linear Call Distribution

Calls are distributed in sequence, each time starting at the beginning.

Rotary call distribution or Circular call distribution

Calls are spread in a loop or based on a certain pattern.

Uniform Call Distribution

Calls are periodically distributed, beginning with the individual who has handled the least number of calls.

Simultaneous Call Distribution

Calls are addressed at the same time to all available extensions.

Weighted Call Distribution

Calls are distributed among customer service people as per a customizable weighting, such as contradictory abilities.


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