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What is the full form of AmEx?

The full form of AmEx is the American Express Company. AmEx is an international financial services company of America with its headquarter is located in the city of New York at 200 Vesey Lane. The organization was established in 1850 & is one of the thirty elements of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The firm is mainly remembered for its payment card, credit card & traveller’s cheque services.

In the period of 1980s, AmEx invested in the brokerage business, acquiring what became Shearson Lehman Hutton in increments and then dividing them into what became Smith Barney Shearson & Lehman Brothers. However, until 2008, neither the name Shearson nor the name Lehman existed. The logo of the company, introduced in 1958, is a centurion or gladiator whose photo came into existence on the traveller’s cheques, charge & credit cards of the corporation.

Key information about AmEx

Important pieces of information about AmEx are tabulated below.

AmEx Full Form American Express Company
Industry Banking, financial service
Established on In Buffalo, New York, U.S., 170 years ago on March 18, 1850
Headquarters The United States, 200 Vesey Street, New York,
Area covered World-wide
Main people Chairmen and CEO – Stephen J. Squeri

Executive VP and CFO – Jeffrey C. Campbell

Services offered by AmEx Travel



Products offered by AmEx Credit cards

Charge cards

Corporative banking

Traveller’s cheque

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