CSF Full Form

What is the full form of CSF?

The full form of CSF is Cerebrospinal Fluid. CSF is a transparent substance located in the brain & spinal cord that is colourless. The central nervous system makes up the brain and the spinal cord. Including organ operation, muscle movement, and even complex thought and preparation, the nervous system controls and regulates everything you are doing.

Significant points about CSF

  • By serving as a cushion against any damage to the brain or spinal cord or sudden impact, CSF means protecting the system.
  • CSF helps to function correctly for the brain and nervous system and reduces waste materials from the brain.
  • A CSF examination is a test that helps diagnose illnesses and conditions that affect the brain & the spinal cord by looking at the cerebrospinal fluid.
  • Other CSF terms are CSF Analysis, Spinal Fluid Analysis.
  • Tests to diagnose brain tumors, damage in the brain, infectious brain & spinal cord disorders and autoimmune disorders like MS (Multiple Sclerosis) & Guillain-Barré Syndrome can be included in the CSF analysis.
  • Albumin protein & igG/albumin are considered CSF tests for such disorders.


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