ABS Full Form - Anti-lock Braking System

What is the full form of ABS?

The full form of ABS is the Anti-lock Braking System. The ABS is a protective and anti-skid braking system used on land vehicles like bikes, trucks, buses and cars also in aircraft. It prevents the tires of a vehicle from locking up & skidding when brakes are applied on emergency shutdown. ABS enables the tires to retain the tr-active connection with the ground surface. When a rider encounters an unexpected barrier and applies the brake, the tires of the vehicle don’t lock up. It moves in the path of the wheels when rotated by the rider. Hence it avoids crashing into the obstacle.

Important points about ABS

  • ABS is an automatic device that uses the concepts of cadence and threshold braking. These techniques were practised by experienced drivers until ABS became universal.
  • ABS performs more efficiently and at a much quicker pace than most drivers could handle.
  • From the time ABS was implemented in production vehicles, these systems have become increasingly successful and sophisticated.
  • Modern systems of ABS in automobiles may indeed prevent the locking of tires under braking, but it may also modify its front-to-rear braking system errors.
  • Even the ABS process depends entirely on its execution and specific capabilities. It is alternatively known as the electronic brakeforce distribution, traction control system, ESC (electronic stability control) or emergency brake assist.


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