EDP Full Form

What is the full form of EDP?

The full form of EDP is Electronic Data Processing. It relates to the functioning of commercial data operations, the handling of storage records, the use of a computer involving the electronic transmission of information from a sheet into an electronic format. The term DP (data processing) has been used to create it. It is synonymous for IS (Information System or Service) or MIS (Management information system or service). The three-level of processing are as follows.

  • The data is placed via processing by input devices such as a digitizer, keyboards, scanners and so on.
  • The information is managed by software programmes that usually involve translation, implementation of code, equation, and authentication, and so on.
  • In the format of audio, reports, video, and so on., the information after processing reaches the customer.

A brief history of EDP

  • The first commercial business system in the UK was developed and produced by the LEO (Lyons Electronic Office) in 1951.
  • It wasn’t easy and it took longer to prepare commercial information in real-time.
  • At such times, the information could only have been placed via input processing by punched card or tapes. There should be a particular need for the output of these punchcards.
  • Independent companies developed the technology at the beginning, referring to data processing technology.
  • With the invention of microprocessors, punch cards stopped working and it became possible to run & process information digitally utilizing simple desktop computers.

Benefits of EDP

  • Via EDP, it is possible to retrieve the data stored and arranged efficiently.
  • It allows a user to automatically and quickly create or generate summary documents like reports, invoices and statements.
  • The overall long-term cost of organizing and arranging information is lower by EDP.
  • In EDP, the duplication of effort is significantly reduced or terminated by errors such as multiple entries.
  • EDP accumulates correct data and the EDP tool decides its accuracy.
  • It offers various storage devices, such as secondary & primary memory.
  • The EDP system stays away from social work, mostly during the procedure.


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