IB Full Form

What is the full form of IB?

The full form of IB is the Intelligence Bureau. It is an Indian internal intelligence service that mostly deals with internal tasks & intelligence. It monitors the risks of terrorization within the nation. It makes available to other intelligence & police agencies valuable information on suspicious behaviour, so these organizations and police can take the appropriate steps to take care of the internally or externally terrorization threats against the country and its citizens.

A brief history of IB

  • The IB was established in 1887 to continue monitoring Russian troops located in Afghanistan. In India, it is the oldest intelligence service.
  • In 1947, it was re-crafted under Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, as Central Intelligence Bureau at the time since India gained independence from British rulers.
  • In the 1950s, the IB was equipped by the Soviet KGB until the Soviet Union collapsed.
  • Because of the brief inability of the intelligence agency to predict the 1962 Sino-Indian War, and subsequently the failure of intelligence in the 1965 India-Pakistan War, it was broken into 2 divisions in 1968 and turned over to internal intelligence mainly.

Main roles of IB

  • An Indian Police Service agent has always been the director of the IB.
  • It’s not trouble-free or straightforward the manner an IB officer lives his life. It is fraught with risks and plenty of compromises.
  • One notable task for IB is to remove amateur radio enthusiasts’ licences, and it can tap a phone service.
  • It also provides an email spy scheme to search terrorist organizations as well as other vicious groups’ addresses.
  • A subsidiary branch, identified as the Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau, is also included in the IB. This section functions and is headed at the state level by an officer of the grade of Joint Director or above.

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