IB Full Form

What is the full form of IB?

The full form of IB is the Intelligence Bureau. It is an Indian internal intelligence service that mostly deals with counter-intelligence and internal security matters. It comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

A brief history of IB

  • The IB was established in 1887 and was named “Central Special Branch” It is one of the oldest intelligence organisations in the world.
  • It was broken into 2 divisions in 1968; the “Research and Analysis Wing”, which was assigned foreign intelligence and IB was assigned mainly internal intelligence and security.

Main roles of IB

  • An Indian Police Service officer or IPS officer has always been the director of the IB.
  • The life of an IB officer is fraught with risks and plenty of compromises.
  • IB helps in communicating intelligence information between police and various other Indian intelligence agencies.
  • It gives necessary clearances from a security perspective to Indian diplomats and judges before taking an oath.
  • It is authorised to wiretap without a warrant.
  • It works relentlessly to bust any security threat or terror attacks.
  • Subsidiary branches, identified as the Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau (SIBs), are also included in the IB. They are headed at the state level by an officer of the grade of Joint Director or above or Deputy Directors in case of smaller SIBs.


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