MHD Full Form

What is the full form of MHD?

The full form of MHD is the Magnetohydrodynamics. MHD is the analysis of electrically conducting fluid’s magnetic characteristics and properties. Liquid metals, plasmas, saltwater & electrolytes involve instances of these magnetic properties-fluids.

The term magneto-hydro-dynamics is extracted from magneto that meaning magnetic field, water which means hydro, and motion simply mean dynamics. Hannes Alfvén initiated the field of MHD, where he obtained the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1970.

  • The fundamental idea behind MHD would be that magnetic fields in a moving conductive fluid could even stimulate currents, which in turn polarises the liquid and alters the magnetic field on its own reciprocally.
  • A blend of the Navier-Stokes equations of fluid dynamics & Maxwell’s electro-magnetism equations is the mathematical equations that explain MHD.
  • It is necessary to solve such equations simultaneously, whether in numerically or analytically problems.

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