RBL Full Form

What is the full form of RBL?

The full form of RBL is Ratnakar Bank Limited. RBL was formed in 1943 and had many branches nationwide in various cities. Its head office is in Mumbai. The bank is one of the earliest private sector banks in India It provides services along all six vertical lines, they are,

  • Corporate and institutional banking
  • Commercial banking
  • Branch and business banking
  • Retail investments
  • Growth and financial inclusion banking
  • Treasury and financial market operations

History of RBL bank

  • RBL was established as a small regional bank in Maharashtra in August 1943. Initially, it had two branches in Sangli and Kolhapur.
  • In 1959, it was labelled as a Scheduled Commercial Bank.
  • In July 2010, when Mr Vishwavir Ahuja became the MD and CEO of RBL Bank, it underwent a significant transformation from an old private bank into a professionally operated new bank.
  • It was listed on the NSE (National Stock Exchange ) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).

Service and products of RBL Bank

  • Savings Accounts
  • Credit and Debit cards
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Investment Services
  • Mobile and Internet Banking
  • Loans and Insurance
  • NRI Banking etc.


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