SMTP Full Form

What is the full form of SMTP?

The full form of SMTP is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is a basic protocol for sending emails via servers between two computers on a TCP / IP network. It is part of the TCP / IP protocol application level, which makes it easy to deliver email messages to one or more recipients over the network. Thus, it has been used whenever an email is being sent to the recipient utilizing email servers from an email client, including Gmail or Outlook Express.

Via a mechanism called the store and forward, SMTP transfers your email around networks. It operates in conjunction with the MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) to deliver the mail to the correct device & email inbox. It determines how an email can travel from the MTA of one device to the MTA of another. The message travels from its origin to its destination in steps, and SMTP does its function at every step.

Various components of SMTP

The various components of SMTP and their functions are explained below.

MUA (Mail User Agent)

It is the client or user-end local service that enables mail to be received and delivered.

MSA (Mail Submission Agent)

It is the server that MUA receives & cooperates with the MTA for mail delivery.

MTA (Mail Transfer Agent)

It collects the local user’s incoming mail & forwards it for distribution. As a client delivers the mail, more than one MTP may be involved.

MDA (Mail Delivery Agent)

It sends the mail to the mailbox of the local receiver.

Advantages of SMTP

  • It makes it easy to communicate from one computer to another computer through mail notifications over the network.
  • It is a reliable communication tool.
  • It also facilitates bulk email marketing, where one can simultaneously send emails to a broader range of audience.


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