SLR Full Form

What is the full form of SLR?

1) The full form of SLR is the Statutory Liquidity Ratio. SLR is a government word in India for the reserve requirement that commercial banks are allowed to retain authorized security in the form of money, gold reserves, or RBI (Reserve Bank of India) before offering credit to users. It is essentially the reserve requirement that is supposed to be retained by the banks before providing credit to the users.

  • To manage expansion, the Statutory Liquidity Ratio to be maintained by financial institutions is calculated by the RBI.
  • As a percentage of time commitments and quantity demanded, the SLR is estimated.
  • Term liabilities are the liabilities that commercial banks are responsible for repaying to customers after an acceptable period, and demand liabilities apply to deposit accounts repayable on demand.
  • An 11-month fixed deposit that is due only after 11 months and not on-demand is an instance of a time liability.
  • An assurance maintained by a client in the form of a saving account or current account that is payable is an instance of demanding liability.
  • By raising or lowering the supply of cash, the SLR is usually used to monitor inflation.

2) The another full form of SLR is Single Lens Reflex. It’s used in excellent quality cameras. The SLR uses an automatic moving mirror device that makes it easier for photographers to see precisely whatever the film or digital photography system can catch. It uses a system of mirrors and prisms to see exactly what should be recorded. It’s usually referred to as a DSLR camera.

  • The SLR camera’s most significant benefit over the others is that it is possible to adjust the lens to get the desired images.
  • The biggest drawback of the SLR camera is that this is heavier and more costly than others. It’s more expensive than a point & shots camera.


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