KBPS Full Form

What is the Full form of kbps?

The full form of kbps is kilobits per second. It is a standard system of the data transfer value. The speed of data transmission over the networks is measured in terms of kilobits per second, that is, the bandwidth measurement on the data transmission platform. It is commonly used for measuring the value of data transmission in the data communication sector.


  1. Bandwidth is the sum of information that can be transmitted for a given period of time.
  2. 1kbps per second = 1000 bits
  3. 200 kbps per second = 200000 bits
  4. 1 Mbps per second = 1000 kilobits
  5. 1 Gbps per second = 1000 Megabits

Difference between the kbps and KBps

KBps kbps
The full form of KBps is Kilobytes per second. The full form of kbps is kilobits per second.
KBps is a binary kilobyte unit, and

1 byte = Eight bits

Kbps is a decimal kilobit unit.


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