NSS Full Form

What is the full form of NSS?

The full form of NSS is the National Service Scheme. It is an Indian government-sponsored entity under the Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs. It was launched in 1969 to build the character of students and younger generations via community services. It is a voluntary association of young students at the +2 level, from universities & colleges.

Slogan and the objectives of NSS

Not Me But You is the slogan of the NSS, which represents the concept of community living and promotes the need for selfless service. Its vision is based on the assumption that an individual’s welfare is mainly dependent on society’s overall wellness, so the participants of the NSS are expected to work for society’s well-being. The primary goal of the NSS is listed below.

  • To help them to understand the culture wherein they work and live.
  • To give them a clear idea about their community and culture.
  • Engage students or younger generations in identifying public requirements, concerns, and issue-solving.
  • Establishing a feeling of human and social engagement among young people.
  • To inspire them to discover realistic solutions to personal & social problems.
  • Developing the skills needed for teamwork & responsibilities sharing.
  • To help them gain qualities of leadership & democratic behaviours.
  • Develop the ability to deal with emergencies and ecological disasters.
  • Practising and promoting national integration & social peace.

Logo of NCC

  • The NSS logo is featured in the NSS Badge. The logo is influenced by the giant Rath Wheel of the world-famous Konark Sun Temple, Orissa, India.
  • The logo’s blue and red colour inspires the NSS Participants to be involved and enthusiastic in social events of nation-building.
  • The red colour implies that the volunteer is healthy, enthusiastic & determined, and full of young blood.
  • The colour of navy blue represents the cosmos which the NSS is a tiny portion and is, therefore, ready to respond to its contribution to the well-being of people and society.
  • The wheel in the logo reflects the cycle of creation and preservation & displays the motion of space and time in reality. Therefore, it demonstrates consistency and progress and the NSS’s continuing search for social change.


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