RAC Full Form

What is the full form of RAC?

The full form of RAC is Reservation Against Cancellation. RAC may also be named a conditional reservation as one can only have a confirmed ticket if there is any cancellation of confirmed tickets from the passenger list. Most people go in for early reservations. According to the railway guidelines, one should have reserved 120 days before the trip. The schedule is changed many times and so one always has to get the confirmed tickets withdrawn. In this scenario, travellers waiting for RAC will get an opportunity to get a verified ticket that will help him have a smooth journey.

Necessary points to remember

  • Technology made it easy to book a ticket. In a few minutes, individuals can quickly book a ticket through their smartphones.
  • Nevertheless, the railway department has different codes used to show the booking status. If tickets are available, a seat will be confirmed and the seat will fall into the waitlist group if not valid.
  • Under certain circumstances, a waiting list ticket may transform to a RAC ticket, meaning you won’t get a single seat, but you’ll get a shared seat, i.e. two travellers carrying a RAC ticket have to share a seat among them. And we might say RAC is a half seat.

Advantages of RAC tickets

  • The main advantage of a RAC ticket is that with this pass you will have the right to get onto the train.
  • With waiting list train tickets, individuals can’t travel. So if you’re travelling with a RAC ticket, there’s a decent chance that you’ll have a confirmed berth early, which depends on TTE finding a vacant seat somewhere.
  • Even after the declaration of the chart, individuals can withdraw RAC tickets and the cancellation fee is only 60.

Limitations of RAC tickets

  • Must pay the full fare
  • The laws for cancelling are time bound.
  • Not aware of full birth availability.


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