SAS Full Form

What is the Full form of SAS?

The full form of SAS is Statistical Analysis Software. SAS is an integrated software technology platform developed by SAS Inc. for advanced analysis, multivariate evaluation, insights into trade, knowledge management & prescient analytics.

SAS is a useful tool. It can browse, manipulate and analyse information from various sources. Users Will conduct clear operations in SAS by using the if-then definition. You will be capable of running any articulation in SAS, stepwise, in a loop, as well as the software is executed incredibly fast.

A brief history of SAS

  • SAS began its growth in 1966 and lasted until 1976, when SAS was co-founded by James Goodnight, Anthony Barr, Jane T. Helwig and John Sall.
  • SAS grew to be more inclusive during the 1980s and 1990s, with the implementation of new statistical techniques and additional components and JMP.

Features of SAS

  • SAS offers many products concerning customer intelligence for marketing analytics, social media, web browsing, etc. It is used to profile customers, predict their behaviour, and optimise communication accordingly.
  • The SAS Fraud Framework helps identify anomalies and indications of any fraud by monitoring transactions across various applications and networks.
  • The Enterprise GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) solution helps manage and visualise risk and compliance by providing scenario analysis and risk modelling.
  • SAS IT Management Solutions help manage the operations of IT systems. It collects data such as performance and utilisation of IT assets, analyses the data, and creates reports.
  • The performance management products provide key performance indicators in a graphical format at individual, team or organisational levels.


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