SPSS Full Form

What is the Full form of SPSS?

The full form of SPSS is the Statistical Package For The Social Sciences. SPSS is used for complex statistical data analysis by various varieties of researchers. The SPSS software package was developed for social science data processing and statistical analysis.

SPSS Inc. initially introduced SPSS in 1968, and later purchased in 2009 by IBM. SPSS is essentially a package of tools used to evaluate results. This software is used in many sectors, including health sciences, market analysts, data miners, marketing organizations, analysts in government & education.

History of SPSS

  • It was first published as SPSS in 1968. Version 10 (SPSS – X) came in 1983, and wherein data sets could involve multiple forms of records.
  • The 16.0 and later versions could run under Linux, Mac and Windows. SPSS revealed on July 28, 2009, IBM is acquiring it.
  • Due to the name’s ownership conflict, the company was renamed PASW (Predictive Analytics Software).
  • It had become SPSS, an IBM subsidiary, in January 2010. On October 1, 2010, IBM was given full ownership.

Primary functions of SPSS

  • The Statistics program of SPSS offers a variety of basic statistical features, which include frequencies, cross-tabulations and statistics on bivariates.
  • The SPSS Modeler program allows researchers to construct and evaluate statistical models utilizing sophisticated statistical methods.
  • The SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys program assists surveys administrators discover critical insight from responses to open-ended questionnaires.


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