TDR Full Form

What is the full form of TDR?

1) The full form of TDR is the Time Domain Reflectometer. It is an electronic system that tracks faults in metallic cables such as twisted-pair wire & coaxial cable in the time domain reflectometry process.

TDR Working Principles

  • The reflections of electrical pulses along the conductor are studied and measured by TDR.
  • It passes down the cable pair and incident signals & listens for the reflections.
  • There’ll be no reflection if the cable pair has an invariable impedance, and the incident signals would be received at another end of the cable pair.
  • If the cable pair is not of unvarying impedance, then a number of the incident signal would be transferred to the TDR that tracks the fault after analyzing the reflections.

2) Another full form of TDR is Term Deposit Receipt. It refers to an account that, for a fixed time, holds a deposit. Now and then, it is also called a fixed deposit scheme. In contrast to other types of savings accounts, TDR offers an advanced rate of interest.

TDR is usually a deposit in the short term. Its lifespan varies from a few months to a few years and the cash could only be removed after the completion of the fixed duration. Financial institutions, including credit unions, banks & thrift institutions, offer TDR and other similar financial items.

3) Another full form of TDR is Ticket Deposit Receipt. If a person is unable to travel on the train on the trip, it is usually filed or put forward to demand a refund of the price. To file a TDR, there must be a suitable and convincing explanation. Some of the general, valid and appropriate reasons for filing a TDR are listed below in the following list:

  • Due to waterlogging, flooding, or some other cause, the train is cancelled
  • It takes more than 3 hours for the train to arrive than the time given.
  • Partly travelled that is a guy gets down at some other platform due to sickness
  • Travelling with no proper ID proof.
  • Failure of AC in trains
  • Falsely accused by TTE
  • The Fare Difference.

4) One more full form of TDR is Transferable Development Rights refers to compensation in the form of development rights or the awarding of additional built-up area that will allow the owner of a site or plot to sell, dispose of, or use the site or plot elsewhere if the site or plot is required to be set aside or affected for a community amenity or development for a public purpose in the master plan, in road widening, or covered in recreational use zone, among other things. The Competent Authority shall issue a TDR certificate in lieu of this award.


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