TFT Full Form

What Is the Full Form of TFT?

The full form of TFT is Thin Film Transistor. It is a display screen technique used in LCD (liquid crystal display). An active component that serves as a switch for each pixel to be switched on and off is TFT. These are made up of a broad range of semiconductor compounds similar to silicon.

Important Points about TFT

  • In TFT, one to four transistors regulate every pixel. Among all the flat-panel processes, the TFT technology is renowned for its high resolution, but it is also quite costly.
  • TFT screens are often referred to as active-matrix LCDs since each pixel uses a transistor organised in the matrix form.

The Common Devices using the TFT Technology

The key devices featuring TFT Technology are listed below.

  • Computer screen (monitor)
  • Television
  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Navigation systems
  • Video gaming systems
  • PDAs (Personal digital assistants)
  • Besides, AMOLED screens contain a TFT layer.

Benefits of TFT

  • The key benefit of TFT technology is that each pixel on display has a separate and small transistor.
  • As the picture is updated many times per second, it allows the display to refresh quite fast.


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