TSCAB Full Form

What is the full form of TSCAB?

The full form of TSCAB is the Telangana State Cooperative Apex Bank Limited. The State Cooperative Bank is TSCAB for the Telangana state. The bank was registered on 25/03/2015.

  • Separate State Cooperative Banks were required for both States as a result of the reorganization of the State of AP and the creation of the Telangana state by the Indian government.
  • Formerly combined Andhra Pradesh State collaborative Bank was therefore restructured into the TSCAB for Telangana State & the Andhra Pradesh State Cooperative Bank for AP State. Via its vast network of enterprises distributed across the Telangana state, TSCAB is dedicated to rural & agricultural growth.
  • The TSCAB needs to stand for the framework, social stability and collaborative principles on three levels.


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