Domestic Animals Essay


In the early days, our mother milking the cows and goats was a usual sight in households. Even now, maybe you will be waking up to the call of roosters and having eggs for breakfast. If the ancient houses have cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats, most of our homes today have many pets like dogs, cats, parrots etc. All these are called domestic animals, and we will be discussing their role in the domestic animals essay.

As domestic animals can be seen around us, it is necessary to teach our kids about them. We keep domestic animals at home either for pleasure or livelihood. The domestic animals essay in English will be useful for them to familiarise themselves with a variety of domestic animals and their importance. In this way, children will appreciate their value and become their companions.

Importance of Domestic Animals

Domestic animals are an important part of our lives. We depend on them for meeting our several needs and help each other in ways we can never think of. Children also find these domestic animals amusing, as they get to keep themselves entertained by the cuteness and naughtiness of these animals. Moreover, children will learn to care for and protect animals if they are given a domesticated animal. This will make them more humane as they grow up.

We will see the special connection that humans have with domestic animals in this short essay on domestic animals. People often talk to domestic animals as if they were real human beings. There is an intimate relationship between domestic animals and humans that we cannot imagine living without.

Types of Domestic Animals

Domestic animals can be tamed and made to work for us. They are also kept as pets and reared for food. There are different varieties of domestic animals, and we will be discussing the most important ones in this domestic animals essay. You can also use this to write about my pet animal essay.

Cows, buffaloes, and goats are the most domesticated animals that can be found in many of our homes. They give us milk, and cows and buffaloes are used in farming to plough the land. So, they are considered as farmer’s friends. Sheep is another domestic animal that gives us wool. Sheep have thick fur from where we get wool, which is then used for making clothes. We also get meat from these domestic animals.

In addition, dogs and cats are also the most popular domestic animals that we can see even inside our homes. Dogs are considered to be man’s loyal companions because they protect our house and property from thieves and burglars. They are so faithful that they warn us of any danger by barking. Cats entertain us, and they keep our house free from rats and rodents.

Horses and donkeys were used for carrying heavy loads from one town to another in the early days. But now, horses can be mainly seen in racing. Rabbits, pigeons and parrots are other types of domestic animals and birds that simply bring us joy. The domestic animals essay in English will make our kids understand that they are friendly and they work for us without any tiredness or complaint. As they are reliable and devoted to us, we must take extreme care of them.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the main uses of domestic animals?

Domestic animals are primarily used for domestic and agricultural purposes. Along with giving us milk and wool, domestic animals provide excellent manure for the soil. They are also used for transportation purposes.


How should we care for domestic animals?

As domestic animals are useful for us in many ways, we must take care of them. By giving them proper food and shelter, we can ensure their survival. If they have any injuries, they must be treated immediately. There are chances that we get infected by disease-causing germs from them, so it is advised to clean them and their shelters regularly.


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