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Mahatma Gandhi essay in English for kids provided here is an exclusive topic for kids to write a brief description of a famous Indian personality. Essay writing on a famous personality requires diverse knowledge among kids in comparison to other kinds of essay writing tasks. 

An essay on a famous personality primarily focuses on the person’s struggle, sacrifice, success, achievements and their messages for society. So, when a kid wants to write an essay on a famous personality, like Mahatma Gandhi essay, he/she should do complete research about that person and understand how to write about the legend in simple words.

This essay about Mahatma Gandhi would enrich their knowledge about the famous personality whom they should look up to for inspiration, so they would be able to write a wonderful essay on this interesting topic. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore!

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Mahatma Gandhi Essay in English

Mahatma Gandhi Essay

Mahatma Gandhi, a champion of non-violence and messenger of truth, was born on 2nd October, 1869 in Porbandar, Gujarat. His full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and he belonged to an affluent family. He was a good student with a shy nature. As he grew up, he went to England to study law and soon became a barrister. When he returned to India, he began practising law at the Bombay High Court.

Thereafter, he went to South Africa to practice law. However, he was not interested in the legal profession. He joined hands with the natives of that region and started a non-violence movement called Satyagraha, in order to fight against the oppression of the Europeans. Soon, he returned to India and joined the struggle for India’s Independence against the British.

Seeing the miserable plight of his fellow Indian brothers and sisters, he started the Non-Cooperation Movement and the Quit India Movement to revolt against British rule in India. He underwent a lot of suffering and made sacrifices to uproot the British rule from the Indian soil. He had a non-violent approach towards India’s fight for freedom from British rule.

Mahatma Gandhi was a noble soul who believed in simplicity. He propagated the use of Swadeshi (domestic) goods among the people and boycotted the use of foreign items. He was a secular preacher and treated people of different communities with equal respect. He used to wear simple clothes and encouraged the use of handspun fibres such as jute and khadi made with the help of the spinning wheel.

He was a man of strong conviction and played a crucial role in the struggle for India’s Independence. He was imprisoned several times but his love for India’s freedom remained his cherished goal. His birthday, 2nd October is celebrated as ‘Gandhi Jayanti’, to offer homage to the veteran for his significant role in social and political reform towards India’s struggle for Independence. He is fondly remembered as “Father of the Nation” in India for his undying efforts towards India’s fight for freedom.

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