The Lion and The Mouse - Fascinating Moral Story for Kids

Here we bring to you an inspiring moral story for kids, “The Lion and the Mouse” that conveys an underlying message that mercy reaps its reward in due course of time, irrespective of size and the kind of help we render to others. Read on to know the entire story.

The story of the lion and the mouse is one of the best moral stories for the little ones. Fables like these serve as cornerstones of education and impart moral principles to the children. The tale of the lion and mouse illustrates the attributes and actions of animals. The animals in history exhibit behaviours that they know as human characteristics. Explaining a fable, it is a short story that is told to teach a lesson about the morality of an animal.

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The Lion and The Mouse

Once upon a time, there lived a lion in the dense Amazon rainforest. While he was sleeping by resting his big head on his paws, a tiny little mouse unexpectedly crossed by and ran across the lion’s nose in haste. This woke up the lion and he laid his huge paw angrily on the tiny mouse to kill her.

The poor mouse begged the lion to spare her this time and she would pay him back on some other day. Hearing this, the lion was amused and wondered how such a tiny creature could ever help him. But he was in a good mood and in his generosity he finally let the mouse go.

A few days later, a hunter set a trap for the lion while the big animal was stalking for prey in the forest. Caught in the toils of a hunter’s net, the lion found it difficult to free himself and roared loudly in anger.

As the mouse was passing by, she heard the roar and found the lion struggling hard to free himself from the hunter’s net. The little creature quickly ran towards the lion’s trap that bound him and gnawed the net with her sharp teeth until the net tore apart. Slowly she made a big hole in the net and soon the lion was able to free himself from the hunter’s trap.

The lion thanked the little mouse for her help and the mouse reminded him that she had finally repaid the lion for sparing her life before. Thereafter, the lion and the mouse became good friends and lived happily in the forest.

Moral of the Story:

Love and kindness are never wasted. You can accomplish by kindness, which you cannot by force.

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