Plastic Pollution Essay

When you go to a supermarket or a grocery store, the chances are high that you get a plastic cover to carry your bought goods. But have you ever thought about how these plastics pollute our environment despite their convenience of use? Plastic pollution has become one of the greatest concerns that we face today, which emphasises the need to bring forth effective ways to reduce its use and pollution.

The following plastic pollution essay in English is created for those students who wish to speak freely on the topic. It gives an idea of how plastic remains to be our main villain and how we can minimise our dependency on it. You can write your own essay on plastic pollution with the given guidelines.

Experience in Plastic Pollution

It was always a merry occasion for me whenever my parents took me shopping in the supermarket. The wide variety of colours and packages filled my senses, and I used to get lost in the different shapes and sizes of the packets. Even though I noticed that most of the items came in plastic covers, I was least aware of their harmful effect on the environment.

Later, I saw that my parents were taking cloth bags to supermarkets and shops. Initially, I was confused about this act. I wondered why they would carry bags with them when we would get strong plastic covers from shops. When I talked to my parents about it, they told me that plastics take millions of years to decompose and that if we buy plastic bags from the shop, we would be piling up plastic waste, which will pollute our environment.

This knowledge was new to me, and I understood that even though plastic is part and parcel of our daily activities, we must restrict its usage. I realised that people rely on plastics because they are cheaper and easily available. But can other negative effects of plastics be overlooked with this single advantage? Plastics cannot be burned away or broken down, and this calls for serious problems in the land, including air, water and food pollution.

Plastic remains on the surface of water and earth, and its toxic components are released into these bodies, affecting every single living creature and plant. While plastic gets swallowed by aquatic life as they mistake it for food, it also provides a perfect ground for disease-spreading insects, thus harming the health of individuals as well.

Moral of the Essay

The short essay on plastic pollution talks about how much damage it may cause in everyone’s lives. We continue to heap loads of plastic waste and burn them without being bothered about its harmful effect on the environment. But it is high time that we come forward and take the necessary steps to prevent plastic pollution. By replacing plastic bags with cloth or paper bags and reusing and recycling plastic, you would be doing a favour to the environment. In this way, we can control plastic pollution to a great degree.


Is plastic pollution real?

Yes, plastic pollution is growing day by day, and it affects our environment harmfully.

Why is there a rise in plastic pollution?

People tend to use plastic more, and its easy availability and affordability make it a go-to alternative for carrying things around. As more and more people start using plastic, there is an increase in the number of plastic waste. These wastes accumulate on water and land surfaces without decomposing, thus leading to plastic pollution.

How can we reduce plastic pollution?

We can reduce plastic pollution by simply following the 4 R’s – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

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