Save Tiger Essay

The save tiger essay is an eye-opener for many people who are not aware of the impact of the loss of tigers. Tigers are one of the most endangered species on Earth. Their numbers have decreased by 97% in the last 100 years, making them close to extinction. We all have a responsibility to save tigers because they are an essential part of our ecosystem. They eat animals that would be detrimental to our environment and help maintain ecological balance.

A tiger is a giant wild cat in the world which belongs to the genus Panthera, including lions and jaguars. They are primarily solitary animals that are native to Asia. Tiger is an elusive animal and the biggest of all cats. It is the national animal of India. This save tiger essay in English helps kids understand how important it is to protect these precious animals.

Did you know that tigers can weigh up to a thousand pounds and be more than 14 feet long from nose to tail? Tigers have been around for over 10,000 years.

How to Save Tigers?

How to save tigers essay is a great way to help children comprehend the need for conserving our national animal. To save these creatures, we have to let them live in their home – forests. Tigers prefer to live in dense jungles, grasslands and swampy forests. It hunts alone or in groups, often at night. Moreover, a tiger can be identified from a mile away from its striped fur. Despite their impressive size, they are very stealthy hunters and stalk their prey for hours before taking a leap.

There are many things we can do to save tigers. We can stop the hunting and trade of tiger parts. Government policies can help conserve their natural habitats, thus protecting their home from becoming endangered.

Besides, educating people on the adverse effects of encroaching on tigers’ habitats can help them protect the species.

Essay writing on save tiger keeps kids engaged in learning about the tigers and measures to safeguard them. You can check out more essays similar to the save tiger essay on BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to identify a tiger?

The tiger can be identified from a mile away from its striped fur.


How to save tigers?

An important way to save tigers is by creating laws to help protect their natural habitat. Moreover, making people aware of the need for conservation can stop them from being endangered animals.


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