Essay on Trees for Kids

In this tree essay for kids, they can learn the importance of trees and the benefits we get from them. Trees are living things that are a huge part of the Earth. They need sunlight, water and air for survival. Trees provide many things, like oxygen, food, shelter and more, to all living creatures. They are also an important source of medicine. Trees have even been found to help make the places we live in less polluted by filtering the air. They consume carbon dioxide and clean the air, and give us oxygen to breathe in. Furthermore, trees prevent soil erosion and floods.

Short Tree Essay for Kids

Trees are an essential resource for everyone. They provide habitat for various species, clean the air and produce oxygen. Besides, they give us shade in the summer, and their leaves can be used for numerous purposes, such as making perfumes, medicines, etc. Moreover, they help cool our atmosphere. There are so many different types of trees that grow all over the world.

Trees are an excellent asset to the Earth. They contribute so much daily to make our planet clean and healthy. In this tree essay in English, children can learn more about the importance and benefits of trees.

Benefits of Trees for the Planet

Trees are a source of oxygen. They absorb carbon dioxide and help regulate climatic conditions, along with transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen by photosynthesis.  Trees control the atmospheric temperature and improve soil fertility. They are also vital for wildlife to survive and thrive. Further, trees provide an aesthetically pleasing landscape. Since they provide many benefits to living beings, it is important to understand how trees contribute to the planet.

Why Should We Plant Trees?

Planting trees is the best way to combat climate change and pollution. This action needs to be combined with an increase in recycling efforts. If millions of people worked together to plant millions of trees, we would have a much better chance of reversing this phenomenon. Below are a few points that help us understand the significance of planting more trees.

  • They provide a natural habitat for many other species, including birds and insects.
  • The shade from a tree can make a huge difference in a sensitive environment by reducing the amount of heat absorbed.
  • Trees also help to keep the ground cool by transpiring moisture through their leaves.
  • They trap heat to mitigate the greenhouse gas effect, decrease ground-level ozone levels and release life-giving oxygen.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Essay on Trees for Kids


Why are trees essential for us?

Trees are essential for everyone. They provide oxygen, food, shelter and more to all living creatures. They are also an important source of medicine.


What are the benefits of trees for the planet?

Trees clean the air, control the temperature and absorb carbon dioxide; they improve soil fertility, produce oxygen and are vital for wildlife to survive. Furthermore, trees provide a pleasant landscape and help prevent soil erosion.


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