WBBSE Board Class 10 Books

Textbooks are one of the main and common resources in schools and they play an important role in both teaching as well as in learning. The books are a useful resource and are mostly written as per the prescribed syllabus. The education boards also usually develop a textbook keeping in mind the mental structure and psychological requirements of the students. While books are very important in attaining school curriculum, the WBBSE Board is the mainboard in the state to prescribe appropriate textbooks for class 10 students. The Board is involved in the development as well as in the publication of textbooks. The board also grants approval to other publishers for the introduction of new books in schools.

Students can view WBBSE Board Class 10 book PDF by clicking the links given below;

Find also the WBBSE Class 1o Maths Book here:

Additionally, the board has set up panels of independent experts that are actively involved in research and review of textbooks. These members ensure that the quality of textbooks is of a high standard. Meanwhile, the WBBSE books and their contents are also sometimes modified by the state experts to include some local context. The books available for download is in Bengali.

The list of books for class 10 are as given below:

  1. Bliss
  2. কোনি | Koni
  3. সাহিত্য সঞ্চয়ন | Sahity Sanchayan
  4. গণিত প্রকাশ | Ganit Prokash

Highlights of WBBSE Class 10 Books

The highlights of WBBSE class 10 books include;

  • The textbooks contain selected material to make learning easy.
  • The books lay the foundation for the entire course.
  • The textbooks help in realizing the instructional objectives of the subject.
  • The books are affordable and are the most economical material for students.

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