WBBSE Board Class 10 Syllabus

The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education is always working with one main goal which is to develop a stress-free environment for learning. With this aim, the board mostly focuses on bringing only the most relevant syllabus for the students. While the needs and demands of class 10 students keep changing and are ever increasing the WBBSE Board often restructures the syllabus for them. They do this with the help of an independent panel of experts. More significantly, the Board has established a Syllabus Committee to frame the curriculum and syllabus as per the latest trends in the education sector. There are further sub-committees under the syllabus committee which are subject specific. In addition, the board also conducts orientation for teachers to help them cope up with the changes in the syllabus and adjust their teaching techniques accordingly.

As of 2019, the WBBSE board has introduced a new syllabus incorporating additional subjects for the students as well as to address any emerging issues in the education system. The board wants students to be well acquainted and equipped to face all the changes in the modern society.

Students will find WBBSE Board class 10 syllabus here on this page. They can either view or download the syllabus for maths and science subjects. Students can go through the syllabus and get detailed information about the content structure of each subject. These are the latest syllabus for class 10 that have been released by the WBBSE board.

Click on the following links to access the syllabus.

Benefits of Knowing The Syllabus

Getting a complete overview of the entire class 10 syllabus will surely bring great benefits to the students like;

  • Get a clear understanding and knowledge of each subject.
  • Learn about the important topics.
  • Insight into the allotment of marks for each question.
  • Be on track with the main objectives of the course.
  • Develop a proper preparation strategy.
  • Stay ahead in the class.

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