WBCHSE Class 12 Maths Syllabus

Mathematics is called as universal language. An equation or an expression written using mathematical notation can be read and understood by any one across the globe. Thus having and firm foundation in mathematics will benefit student to a greater extent in developing problem solving skills, mathematical modeling and also understanding allied subjects.

West Bengal board class 12 mathematics syllabus is prescribed by the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education, commonly called as WBCHSE. The board was formed during the year 1975 and focuses on establishing quality higher secondary education in the state of West Bengal.

This autonomous body incorporates skilled mathematics proficients to develop syllabus. They choose the subject so as to assist students to carry out day today life more smoothly. The syllabus once designed is revised constantly over time of its validation. The panel updates the syllabus to march with rapid advancement in socio-economic environment.

WBCHSE Class 12 Mathematics Syllabus enfolds diverse topics from Algebra, coordinate geometry, differential calculus, integral calculus, differential equations, application of calculus. The prime concepts studied here includes – Probability, principle mathematical induction, Binomial theorem for a positive integral index, infinite series, matrices and determinants, cones, parabola, elipse, hyperbola, differential calculus, indefinite integral, integration by parts, definite integral, differential equations, Tangent and normal, maxima and minima, determination of areas in simple cases, expression for velocity and acceleration etc.

Click the link given below to download the PDF of revised WBCHSE Class 12 Mathematics Syllabus:

WBCHSE Class 12 Mathematics Syllabus

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