WBCHSE Class 12 Books

A textbook is an important aid for learning as helps to foster the right study attitude among the students since the textbook presents defined and concrete details in a scientific and intensive manner which could arouse the students’ interest and curiosity. The textbook provides an important source of materials for reviewing and recapitulating the lessons taught in the class.

A textbook is written according to the syllabus and gives the outline of the course. Students need textbooks to prepare themselves in advance of learning in the classroom; refer to it during the course of learning in the classroom; revises and reinforce the classroom learnings; does the assignment at home; prepares for the examination; reads for pleasure; and seeks guidance and references for future studies.

WBCHSE undertake the preparation, publication, and sale of textbooks and other books for Class 12 standard for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Maths. A good textbook is very important because it serves as a guide to the syllabus, particularly suggesting what should be taught. Textbooks also provide exercises, activities, and suggestions for further reading, which encourages the teacher to supplement material from other sources.

WBCHSE Class 12 includes various subjects and there are textbooks for all. Class 12 textbooks for Maths & Science are widely recognized for its ability to build the concepts and improve a student’s conceptual knowledge of a subject.

Click the link below to download the 12th Standard books for WBCHSE Board. Here you will find the 12th Class Maths & and Science textbook in PDF format.

WBCHSE Class 12 Maths Textbook

WBCHSE Class 12 Physics Textbook

WBCHSE Class 12 Chemistry Textbook

WBCHSE Class 12 Biology Textbook


  1. Please give me the link for downloading the NCERT biology book of class 12.

    1. you can download class 12 NCERT biology book from below link:

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