Class 6 WB Board Mathematics, Social Science, Science and other subject textbooks

Textbooks are the most trustworthy study material a student and a teacher can have. These are the study materials prescribed by the state board. A typical textbook consists of subject matters well explained and illustrated with plenty of examples, diagrams and activities. In this book, like topics are grouped to form chapters and chapters are arranged sequentially.

Each chapter clutches multiple activities and projects. After performing activities and projects, students will be able to appreciate the beauty of concepts. Thus, students will be motivated to learn and this will drive them deep into studies exponentially. So, these WBBSE Class 6 books are indeed the best resource to revise the entire subjects and prepare for the final exams.

Find the links to download the textbooks for West Bengal Board Class 6 from the table below:

WBBSE Class 6 Textbooks-All Subjects 
WBBSE Class 6 Our World (Amader Prithibi) Textbook
West Bengal Class 6 Atit O Aityaja History Textbook
West Bengal Class 6 Sahitya Mela Bengali Textbook
West Bengal Class 6 Ha Ja Ba Ra La Bengali Textbook
West Bengal Class 6 Bhasa Charcha Textbook (Bengali)
West Bengal Class 6 English Language (Blossoms) Textbook
West Bengal Class 6 EVS(Poribesh O Bigyan) Textbook
West Bengal Class 6 Maths Textbook (Ganit Prabha)

WB Board class 6 textbooks are prescribed by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, popularly known as WBBSE. This autonomous body endeavour to regulate, promote and develop quality primary and secondary education in the territory of the state of West Bengal.

The list of textbook names for class 6 are as given below:

  1. Blossoms
  2. আমাদের পৃথিবী | Amader Prithibi
  3. ভাষাচর্চা | Bhasa Chorcha
  4. গণিতপ্রভা | Ganit Probha
  5. হ য ব র ল | Ha Ja Ba Ra La
  6. পরিবেশ ও বিজ্ঞান | Poribesh O Bigyan
  7. সাহিত্যমেলা | Sahitya Mela
  8. অতীত ও ঐতিহ্য | Otit O Oitijhyo

West Bengal Text Book Corporation Limited assist WBBSE in publishing the textbooks for all standards. The WB Board class 6 textbooks are made available in Bengali in this article.

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