Class 6 - West Bengal State Board (2020-21)

West Bengal State Board class 6 curriculum is prescribed by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, abbreviated as WBBSE. This state level body was reformed and attained autonomous status during the year 1964 under the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education Act(1963).

The board was initially established during the year 1951 titled as Board of Secondary Education under the state legislature act named West Bengal Secondary Education Act(1950) with the initial motto of regulating, developing, promoting secondary education in West Bengal and to conduct Final Examination for School.

WBBSE endeavor for development and promotion of primary and secondary education in the state of West Bengal. It functions as an advisory body to state government in the areas of scientific advancement of secondary education. Supports and upholds girl education. The board merely responsible in framing curricula and syllabi in coherence to rapid advancement in socio economic milieu. To conduct board examination at various levels. The functions of WBBSE also includes, Affiliation of schools and supervising all public and private schools to ensure smooth, transparent, disciplined, democratic management.

Class 6 under West Bengal State Board is a stepping stone for all upcoming standards. Curricula is designed considering mental potential of students. Learning process in this class enfolds numerous activities. The board believes in learning with playing for a thorough understanding of concepts. Curricula also embeds exercise questions under each subject for self evaluation. Students can prepare most diligently for the final exams by referring to the WBBSE Class 6 study materials or resources for the respective subjects by browsing the links provided in this article.

Click the link below to get latest West Bengal State Board Class 6 revised Mathematics and Science Syllabus, Textbooks, Previous year question papers.

WB Board Class 6 Syllabus
WB Board Class 6 Textbooks
WB Board Class 6 previous year question papers

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