WBCHSE Class 11 Biology Syllabus

WBCHSE – West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education is the education board of the Bengal state, which is responsible for conducting the Higher secondary level or class 12 examinations and is also known as HS exam.

The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education was established in 1951 with a vision to control and progress the education of the State.

Biology is all about the study of life, its functions, classifications, evolutions and all other living organisms around us. The main concept of studying biology is to know about ourselves, body parts, nature around us, etc. It is a vast subject which is composed of many branches including Anatomy, botany, evolution, zoology, etc.

Biology is one of the most challenging and mandatory subjects in science which requires hard work. WBCHSE Class 11 Biology Syllabus is well-prepared by the subject experts under the guidance of the State Board of Education which provides adequate knowledge about each essential topic. WBCHSE Class 11 Biology Syllabus includes- Structure and function of a cell, plant physiology, human physiology, Diversity of living organisms and lot more.

We at BYJU’S provide the syllabus for WBCHSE Class 11 Biology along with the mark-wise weightage for every chapter, so that students can have a good idea about the pattern of the exam.

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WBCHSE Class 11 Biology Syllabus

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