WB Board Class 6 - Mathematics and Science Syllabus.

The syllabus is the key to scheduling the study. A typical syllabus of a subject comprises of diverse chapters arranged sequentially. Each chapter holds a bunch of topics, sub-division of topics and concerned activities, exercises. Syllabus also incorporates a brief hint of time required for the successful execution of each chapter, mark distribution among the chapters etc. In short, syllabus forms a stable framework in the teaching-learning process.

Download WBBSE Class 6 Syllabus 

WB Board class 6 Mathematics and Science syllabus is prescribed by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education commonly called WBBSE. The board was formed during the year 1964 and attained autonomous status in the same year. This state agency strives hard for promotion, regulation and development of primary and secondary education in the state of West Bengal.

WB board class 6 mathematics and science syllabus is designed considering the potential of students. Concepts in Mathematics are chosen to build problem-solving skills among students. Science topics are chosen in a way that forms a foundation for higher standards. Follow the link below for a detailed description of Mathematics and Science syllabus for WB Board class 6.

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