West Bengal Exam Pattern 2021-22


Class 10 in West Bengal is overseen by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. This body is also responsible for organizing and administering class 10 board exams across the state. The next phase for students after they clear this exam is to attend a 2-year pre-university course which is governed by the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. They also organize and conduct class 12 board exams for students across the state.

Download West Bengal H.S. Exam Pattern 2021-22

Importance of Analyzing The Exam Pattern

Analysing the exam pattern is one of the most important aspects of learning. During this process, the student can gain a brief overview of all the subjects, such as the distribution of marks, important questions and a rough idea of probable questions.

It is also a great tool for setting up a study schedule or a plan, furthermore, the students will also be able to track their progress, set benchmarks and measure results. All this translates to a very effective learning experience. WBCHSE question pattern 2018 class 12 provides a lot of insight and will help students to prepare for their upcoming exams.

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