Class VI WB Board - Mathematics and Science Previous year question papers

A typical question paper comprises of questions and numericals, time boundary and set of instructions to be followed during the examination. The types of questions will vary from one subject to another. Each question will carry certain marks. The marks distribution will be mentioned clearly. Questions of any difficulty level can appear in the question paper. Questions can be asked from anywhere within the vicinity of the prescribed syllabus.

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West Bengal Board of Secondary Education commonly known as WBBSE will publish a model question paper for all standards. The board will direct to form a committee of experts locally to set class 6 Mathematics and Science question papers. Final examination question papers will follow the standard pattern prescribed by WBBSE.

Referring to previous year question papers clearly depict the examination pattern thus they help in understanding the following:

  1. Thrust areas of a subject.
  2. Pattern of questions asked: Objective/subjective.
  3. Pattern of the numericals: Conceptual/calculation based.
  4. Level of problems: beginner/intermediate/advanced.
  5. Distribution of marks.
  6. Types of questions asked: Lengthy/ short answer.
  7. Examination time management.
  8. Areas where student is lacking/ need more practice.

WBBSE Class 6 mathematics and science carry total of 100 marks each. This 100 marks is two folded between Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE) and final examination. Weightage of these two parts vary over time. In CCE students are evaluated regularly on the basis of their performance during unit tests or project work. In the case of unit tests, its results are summated to obtain end score.

Click the link given below to download Class 6 WB Board Mathematics and Science Previous year question papers:

Class 6 WB Board Mathematics Previous year question paper
Class 6 WB Board Science Previous year question paper

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