WBBSE Board Class 10 Science Syllabus

The WBBSE class 10 science syllabus has been created by the board in such a way that it facilitates a successful environment for learning and at the same time limit confusion among students. The science syllabus has also been put together by experts to help students develop the required abilities in cognitive and psychomotor domains. Further, as class 10 is an important stage for students the syllabus has been carefully and thoughtfully crafted to help them develop a strong foundation for their +2 academic streams. The topics that are discussed in class 10 syllabus are specifically selected to help students develop better abstraction and quantitative reasoning as well as generate greater interest in the subject itself.

Some of the main objectives of the science syllabus are;

  • Provide the right knowledge about scientific facts, theories, laws, etc.
  • Help students develop better experimental skills and investigations.
  • Expose students to experiences based on hands-on activities.
  • Engage students with processes like observing, recording, analyzing and drawing.

Students can access WBBSE Board syllabus for Class 10 Science below.

WBBSE Board Class 10 Physical Science Syllabus

WBBSE Board Class 10 Life Science Syllabus

Benefits Of The Syllabus

A syllabus is an important document that clearly describes course goals, lays down the course structure and includes details regarding exams, assignments, grading scheme which all students should be familiar with to learn the course material. In order to develop a strong study plan and perform well in the exams, students should go through the syllabus and get a clear understanding of what the course demands. Once they get an insight into the syllabus they will be on track with the course content, set goals to achieve academic success, divide time accordingly for each subject and they will also get information about additional reference materials.

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