Interrogative Adjectives Worksheets

Adjectives are one of the most important elementary grammar chapters that are taught to kids while they are in their primary classes. Apart from teaching the basics of adjectives, it is essential to teach them about the different types of adjectives. Knowing the different kinds of adjectives will help them identify the kinds in any worksheet. Interrogative adjectives are one of the eight types of adjectives. And, once students have learnt about this, they can download and practise the interrogative adjectives worksheets, available at BYJU’S website.

What are Interrogative Adjectives?

The term interrogates means to ask questions; similarly, interrogative adjectives are those adjectives that modify or change a noun/noun phrase/pronouns by asking questions. For example, “Whose book is on the table?” Here, ‘whose’ is the interrogative adjective. There are few words that are commonly used as interrogative adjectives. Knowing them will help students to easily identify the interrogative adjectives in a sentence. What, whose, why, where, which and how are commonly used as interrogative adjectives. The interrogative adjectives ‘which’ and ‘what’ can often be confusing. If the options are unknown to the speaker, then ‘what’ is used, and when the options are known to the speaker, then ‘which’ is used. For example, “What time is it?” “Which bag is yours?”, “What book are you reading?” etc.

How Not to Confuse Between Interrogative Adjectives and Interrogative Pronouns?

Children often confuse interrogative adjectives with interrogative pronouns since some of the interrogative adjectives are used as interrogative pronouns. These tips will help children to identify interrogative adjectives and interrogative pronouns better.

  • Unlike interrogative adjectives that need the help of a noun or pronoun, i.e. the one it modifies, the interrogative pronoun can stand alone.
  • In the case of interrogative adjectives, it is followed by a noun, but in the case of interrogative pronouns, it’s followed by a verb. For example, “Which is your sister?” Here, ‘which’ is used as an interrogative pronoun, whereas “which bag is yours?” Here, ‘which’ is used as an interrogative adjective.

By remembering these simple tips, children can easily spot the difference between interrogative adjectives and interrogative pronouns. This will help them solve the interrogative adjectives worksheet better. For more Kids Learning activities similar to Worksheets for Kids, visit BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are interrogative adjectives?

Interrogative adjectives are those adjectives that modify or change a noun/noun phrase/pronouns by asking questions. For example, “Whose bag is this?”


Where to get the interrogative adjectives worksheet?

BYJU’S gives you several interrogative adjectives worksheets, which can be easily downloaded in pdf and used for future practice.

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