Personal Pronouns Worksheet

Pronouns are those words that are used to replace nouns or noun phrases. For example, ‘Stefen goes to the office. He works till evening”. Here, ‘he’ is an example of a pronoun. There are many types of pronouns, and personal pronouns are one among them. It is essential that students are taught both about pronouns and the different types of pronouns. Once the students have a basic understanding of personal pronouns, they can solve the personal pronouns worksheet, available at BYJU’S website.

What are Personal Pronouns?

Personal pronouns are those pronouns that are used instead of names of person, animal/bird or things. Personal pronouns help to avoid repetition of naming words, i.e. nouns. Pronouns like I, we, you, he, him, she, her, it, they, them, us are personal pronouns. These personal pronouns stand for three different persons, i.e. the person speaking, the person spoken to and the person spoken of. While using personal pronouns, it is essential that students know which pronouns to use in the case of singular and plural.

Category of Personal Pronouns

It is essential that children know about these different forms of personal pronouns, which will help them to solve the personal pronouns worksheet correctly.

Personal pronouns



First person (talking about oneself/own)

I / Me

We / Us

Second person(talking about listener/reader)



Third person (talking about someone/something)



It is important to remember that personal pronouns of the Third Person denote three genders, i.e. feminine ( she/her/hers), masculine (he/him/his) and neuter (it). This will help students to place the personal pronouns as per their gender.

Subject Personal Pronouns

Before explaining to children what subject personal pronouns are, it is essential to teach them what a subject is. Subject refers/denotes the person or thing that is being talked about/discussed/dealt with in a sentence. So the pronouns that are used in place of the name of the subject are called subject personal pronouns. For example, “Mike is playing in the garden.” Here, ‘Mike’ is the subject, so if it is substituted by the subject’s personal pronoun, then it will be “He is playing in the garden.”

Object Personal Pronouns

An object is a noun phrase/noun/pronoun that is affected/receives the action of the verb in the sentence. So the personal pronouns that substitute these objects are known as object personal pronouns. For example, “My mother will pick up Sam from school.” Here, ‘Sam’ is the object, so after the substitution, the sentence will be “My mother will pick him up from school.”

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are personal pronouns?

Personal pronouns are those pronouns that are used instead of names of person, animal/bird or things.


Where to get personal pronouns worksheet?

BYJU’S website has numerous personal pronouns worksheets, which can be downloaded for free and practised.

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