Singular Nouns Worksheet

How to explain to a primary class kid about singular nouns? The simple way to describe them is singular nouns are those nouns which denote one or single unit. For example, “The teacher is scolding the student”. Here, teacher and student are singular nouns as it is talking about two single people. BYJU’S has a multiple singular nouns worksheet that children can practise and clear their understanding about it.

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Tips to Remember while Teaching Singular Nouns

Though it might seem easy to teach about singular nouns to kids, there are some essential things to remember while teaching them.

  • Singular nouns always use singular verbs. For example, “The boy goes to the market”. Here, goes is a singular verb, as a boy is a singular noun.
  • There are nouns that can never be in singular form, but collectively they are considered single. Like sheep is the singular as well as the plural noun, but when we collectively consider them, it becomes flock. So there can be four flocks of sheep, each flock considered as a single unit. You can get these lists of nouns that remain the same in the singular as well as the plural form.
  • Preparing charts with pictures that differentiate between singular and plural nouns help the kids to see and learn about singular nouns. This allows them to solve the singular nouns worksheet pdfs quickly.

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Examples of Singular Nouns

Here are some examples of singular nouns that will help children to understand the concept better.

  • Common Nouns – boy, girl, child, man, table, flower, star, bed etc.
  • Proper Nouns – Agra, Eiffel Tower, Tom, Jerry, Atlanta, Pacific Ocean etc.
  • Concrete Nouns – toy, cake, cookie, bottle etc.
  • Abstract Nouns – happiness, poverty, bravery, youth etc., as these are all singular concepts.
  • Countable nouns – doll, child, baby, flower, room etc.
  • Uncountable Nouns – water, happiness, sand, flour etc.

Also, refer to Plural Noun Worksheet.

These examples help the children to understand and identify the singular nouns in the singular nouns worksheet pdf. You will get several singular nouns worksheets from our BYJU’S website, which is easily accessible and downloadable. For more Kids Learning activities similar to Worksheets for Kids, visit BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Singular Nouns Worksheet


What are singular nouns?

Singular nouns are those nouns that denote one or single unit. Singular nouns always use singular verbs. For example, “The man goes to the market”. Here, goes is a singular verb as man is a singular noun.


Where to get singular nouns worksheets for practice?

BYJU’S is an ultimate website where parents, as well as teachers, can easily download singular nouns worksheet pdf as practise sets for children. These worksheets will help kids to learn much faster.


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