Solving previous year question paper and other sample paper boost up the confidence of students to get better acquainted with the subjects and thus also do better for their final exams. They also get updated about the grading system and the distribution of marks for the question paper of specific subjects. By doing so, it will help them to do better performance and will give them an idea as to which subject they need to focus more on.

Question papers are an essential tool for the teachers, which helps them to train their students in a particular subject, as well as their advancement through the entire academic year as well as the course. By going through the previous year question paper students will have an idea about what to expect from the upcoming exam.

It is essential for solving previous year question papers. It’s beneficial because the question paper covers the entire subject and each subject will have different question papers.

Click the below links for previous years maths and science question paper :

Previous Year Class 6 Maths Question Paper

Previous Year Class 6 Science Question Paper


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