Assam Board Class 7 Syllabus

The syllabus for the Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA) has been structured by experienced professionals. It ensures the students to be easily change their ideas according to the demands. The board framed the syllabus in such a way that it should have

  • Learning objective
  • Goal
  • Basic information
  • Course content
  • Student responsibilities
  • Grading method
  • Material Access
  • Philosophy

A good syllabus should always conveys to students a clear idea of the course content. It outlines the students responsibilities for success. Having a clear understanding about your syllabus and weightage allotted to different units will help you to gain more marks and how much time you ‘ll spend to read the chapters. Sometimes the concepts involved in syllabus are more complex to understand by yourself. By making use of reference books and sample materials,get a clear idea about that concept.

Here is the maths and science syllabus for class 7 Assam board. The topics covered in each chapter will be illustrated with suitable examples.

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