AMC Full Form

What is the full form of AMC?

1) The full form of AMC is the Annual Maintenance Contract. It is also recognized as the annual fee for repairs. It is provided after shipment by all manufacturers. It is the term that applies to the manufacturers and the customers. The manufacturer gives its buyers maintenance services for their high-value products. As per the agreement, this type of maintenance may be fee-based or free of cost.

When the customer purchases their computer, each computer owner takes this service, and afterwards, the firm will be responsible for the maintenance and all-around repairs of the system. In specific, agreements of this type are agreed for one year from a time. The contract between the two can be lengthened by up to 2 or more years. In AMC, the company generally provides the client with support services and costs for the faulty parts of the machine.

Devices that are eligible under AMC

  • Robots
  • Laptops & Computers
  • Servers, Equipment, Scanners, Printers
  • TV, refrigerators, A.C. Almost all electrical and computer equipment


  • During the contract period, AMC offers the customers satisfaction and comfort.
  • It includes repairs, frequent checkups, and routine tasks to control the device’s productivity.

2) Another full form of AMC is American Motors Corporation. In the USA, AMC is a moto firm. It came into being in 1954 with the merger of two large American companies, HMotor Car Company & Nash Kelvinator Corporation.

During that period, it was the biggest corporate merger in the history of the USA. George W. Mason, an American businessman, directed the merger. The aim of this partnership was to use the resources of both companies to contend with General Motors, Chrysler & Ford, the biggest automobile manufacturers.

Products offered by AMC

  • SUV (Sport Utility Vehicles)
  • Commercial refrigeration products
  • Military Vehicles
  • Automobiles
  • Lawn products


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