BOC Full Form

What is the full form of BOC?

The full form of BOC is the Bank of Ceylon. BOC is the main commercial bank in Sri Lanka that is state-owned. The headquarters of BOC is situated in Colombo, the island’s political and economic capital. It has 645 branches across the country. BOC’s group structure has 10 subsidiaries and 3 associate companies.

The bank operates, in response to its local presence, an offshore banking unit at its headquarters in Colombo, three branches in Chennai, Malé and Seychelles & a division in London.

A brief history of BOC

  • BOC was established in 1939
  • It was nationalized in 1961 to bring development to the country
  • BOC set up the first Merchant Bank in Sri Lanka (viz. The Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka Limited) in 1982

Key pieces of information about BOC

Few main pieces of information about BOC are tabulated below.

BOC Full Form Bank of Ceylon
Sector Banking, financial services
Established on 1st August 1939
Opened By Sir Andrew Caldecott
BOC Headquarters BOC Square, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka
The area served by BOC Sri Lanka




Chairman Mr. Kanchana Ratwatte
Service offered by BOC Retail banking

Corporate banking

Investment banking


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