CISF Full Form

What is the full form of CISF?

The full form of CISF is the Central Industrial Security Force. It is the Indian Central Armed Police Force, that works underneath the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Indian government. In the globe, it is the largest industrial security force. It has a workforce of about 170,000 in its one thirty-two battalions. Its headquarter is situated in New Delhi, India.

Important points about CISF

  • Under an Act of the Parliament of India, CISF was established in 1969.
  • The CISF’s primary objective is to provide industrial units & critical facilities, like atomic power plants, currency note pressing, power plants with security.
  • CISF also offers major government & private agencies with advisory services.
  • There are several esteemed customers in its consultancy section, like NBRI, TISCO, Orissa Mining Co and IB Thermal Power Plant.

Main branches and sectors of CISF

There are primarily three branches of CISF

  • The Executive Branch
  • The Fire Service division and
  • The Ministry branch.

CISF is further organised into six sectors. The Sector Inspector General is the head of each sector. Such sectors are listed below.

  • Northern Sector, its headquarter is at New Delhi
  • Southern Sector, its headquarter is at Chennai
  • Western Sector, its headquarter is at Mumbai
  • Eastern Sector, its headquarter is at Patna
  • North – Eastern Sector, its headquarter is at Kolkata


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