FAX Full Form

What is the full form of FAX?

The full form of FAX is Facsimile. It is a telephone transmission, via a phone line, of a scanned copy of images and text printed on paper, transmitted between two people. The computer used to transfer original electronically or replicated scanned documents through the telephone network is termed a fax device.

The fax machine produces text or picture material as a single fixed visual picture, converts it to a bitmap, and then transfers it to the audio frequency tone framework via the telephone system. The fax machine deduces the tones at the receiving end, rebuilds the picture & prints a paper copy.

A brief history of FAX

In the twenty-first century, when the technological advance email came into existence, the fax technology turned out to be out of date. A brief history of FAX is

  • In 1842, Alexander Bain invented fax technology. He was the first person that found out to be capable of transmitting picture/message via telephone line signals.
  • Afterwards, Frederick Bakewell improved the invention of Bain and produced the first image telegraph it is the same as the fax machine.

Working principle of FAX

  • The FAX machine is a complete scanner & printer set.
  • The scanner examines the page first and transforms it into a fixed graphic image, then bitmaps it & sends it via a telephone line.
  • If a person wishes to send a file via a fax machine, the paper should be placed into the fax machine.
  • Then the copy of the file will be processed by the device and converted into a fixed graphic pitcher, and then transmitted to the receiving end by the device via a telephone line.

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