IPCC Full Form

What is the Full form of IPCC?

1) The full form of IPCC is Integrated Professional Competence Course. IPCC is the second or second-level course of the CA (Chartered Accountancy) degree. Its curriculum is carried out by the ICAI(Institute of Chartered Accountants of India). Upon the satisfactory completion of this Integrated Professional Competence Course, an applicant is eligible for the final level in chartered accountancy.

Eligibility criteria for IPCC

  • An applicant should obtain the CA CPT (Chartered Accountancy Common Proficiency Test) before appearing for the IPCC examination.
  • After the successful completion of the course, an examination is carried out, and the test is named as IPCE (Integrated Professional Competence Examination)

Examination details of IPCC

The IPCE curriculum includes theoretical & practical learning. In this course, an applicant has seven papers that are divided into two categories. The first category is composed of 4 subjects. The second group is composed of 3 subjects. All these subjects of the first and second categories are relevant to the accountancy profession. A total of 200 scores in group 1 and 150 scores in group 2 are required to clear a class.

Papers of group 1

  • Accounting subject – 100 marks
  • Law – 60 marks
  • Ethics – 20 marks
  • Communication – 20 marks
  • Cost Accounting – 50 marks
  • Financial Management – 50 marks
  • Income Tax – 50 marks
  • Indirect Tax – 50 marks

Papers of group 2

  • Advanced Accounting – 100 marks
  • Auditing & Assurance – 100 marks
  • Information Technology – 50 marks
  • Strategic Management – 50 marks

2) Another full form of IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It is an intergovernmental study body that operates under United Nations leadership to evaluate the change in the climate.

It was established in 1988 by two UN bodies, the WMO (World Metrological Organization), and UNEP (United Nations General Assembly).

The role of this intergovernmental panel does not require the execution of any project, study or monitoring of climate-related data. It is intergovernmental panel’s main task consisted of reviewing and analyzing the up-to-date science, technological and socio-economic knowledge climate-related changes.

Primary objectives of IPCC

  • IPCC’s main goal is to produce reports implementing the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  • It provides stability in the atmospheric greenhouse gas, which is quite intense.
  • The IPCC has accepted and released ‘Principles governing IPCC Work,’ which notes and describes the IPCC’s analysis and evaluation;
  • Risk of climate change caused by humans, its potential effects and possible prevention options.


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