SCB Full Form

What Is the Full Form of SCB?

The full form of SCB is the Standard Chartered Bank. Standard Chartered PLC, whose headquarters is located in London, England, are a British multinational investment bank and financial firm. It comprises a chain of over 1,200 subsidiaries and branches across more than seventy countries via subsidiaries, associates, and joint ventures, as well as employs about 87,000 individuals. It is a universal bank with individual, business and institutional finance and treasury services.

It does not perform retail banking in the UK, given its UK base, and about 90% of its profits arrive from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Standard Chartered is part of the FTSE 100 Index and has a primary listing on the LSE (London Stock Exchange). The title Standard Chartered comes from the names of Chartered Bank of India, Australia & China and Standard Bank of British South Africa, the two banks which it was developed by merging in 1969.

Important Information about Standard charted Bank

A few important pieces of information about SCB are tabulated below.

Full name of SCB Standard Chartered Bank
Sector Banking

Financial services

Established on On 29 December 1853, 166 years ago, Chartered Bank was established.

On 18 November 1969, 50 years ago, Chartered Standard PLC was established.

Head office London, England, UK
Covered areas of CSB World-wide
Main people Chair­person – José Viñals Íñiguez

CEO – Bill Winters

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