HPCET 2023 Syllabus

The syllabus of HPCET 2023 exam is released online on the official website of HPTU. Candidates will be able to know the information based on the subject, concepts and units which have to be covered for the exam. While preparing the syllabus, candidates should cross check with the HPCET syllabus in order to have a clarity of concepts, formulas and topics. The syllabus mainly covers subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Along with the HPCET 2023 syllabus, candidates are advised to check the exam pattern for better preparation and clarity.

HPCET 2023 Physics Syllabus



Unit 1 Laws of Motion
Unit 2 Physics and Measurement
Unit 3 Energy and Power
Unit 4 Rotational Motion, Properties of Solids and liquids
Unit 5 Oscillation and Waves
Unit 6 Kinetic Theory of Gases
Unit 7 Current Electricity, Electrostatics
Unit 8 Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
Unit 9 EMI and AC etc

HPCET 2023 Chemistry Syllabus



Unit 1 States of matter
Unit 2 Solutions
Unit 3 Atomic structure
Unit 4 Some basic concepts of chemistry
Unit 5 Chemical bonding
Unit 6 Redox reaction & electrochemistry
Unit 7 Chemical thermodynamics
Unit 8 Chemical kinetics
Unit 9 Surface chemistry
Unit 10 Equilibrium
Unit 11 d & f block elements
Unit 12 s & p block elements
Unit 13 Chemistry in Everyday Life

HPCET 2023 Mathematics Syllabus



Unit 1 Quadratic equations
Unit 2 Sets, relations & functions
Unit 3 Matrices & determinants
Unit 4 Mathematical induction
Unit 5 Permutation & combination
Unit 6 Binomial theorem & its applications
Unit 7 3D geometry
Unit 8 Sequence & series
Unit 9 Vector algebra
Unit 10 Mathematical reasoning
Unit 11 Statistics
Unit 12 Probability
Unit 13 Trigonometry

How to Access HPCET 2023 Syllabus PDF?

Applicants can access HPCET Syllabus PDF by following the below given steps:

  • 1) Visit the HPTU official website.
  • 2) Click on the HPCET Admission Section.
  • 3) Then click on the HPCET syllabus link.
  • 4) Download the syllabus PDF.

HPCET 2023 Exam Pattern

Candidates can check the details regarding how the exam will be conducted through the exam pattern of HPCET 2023. Information like exam mode, duration, types of questions, section, marking scheme and more will be released through the exam pattern. Candidates should check the HPCET 2023 Exam Pattern before preparing for the exam. By having a knowledge of the exam pattern, candidates will be able to perform well in the HPCET 2023 exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions on HPCET 2023 Syllabus


Where will I get the official syllabus of HPCET 2023?

You will get the syllabus of HPCET 2023 on the official website of HPTU.


What is the difficulty level of HPCET 2023 syllabus?

The difficulty level of HPCET 2023 syllabus is moderate to tough.


Are the concepts in the HPCET 2023 syllabus similar to that of 10+2?

Yes, the concepts present in the HPCET 2023 syllabus are similar to that of 10+2.


Is the syllabus of HPCET 2023 sufficient for the exam preparation?

Yes, the syllabus of HPCET 2023 is sufficient for the exam preparation.


Should I cover the entire syllabus of HPCET 2023?

Candidates are advised to go through the previous year question papers to know the frequently repeated questions and focus on them for a better result.


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